What It’s Like to Edit Your Own Book

For the last few weeks I’ve been very slowly but surely editing my hopefully-soon-to-be-published-and-successful book, which is the first in a (hopefully) long series of fantasy. And honestly, from the alcoves of my heart and the nooks my mind, there is nothing harder, nothing more self-destructive and debilitating than editing your own book.

Me, whenever I open Word.

It’s just terribly difficult to read your own work and edit it. First of all, I’ve always wanted to be a writer. From the Nancy Drews and Hardy Boys my dad would buy me to read on long drives, to the first time I ever opened a Harry Potter book as a young boy, I just knew that I wanted to do something like this. But I never believed in myself – why should I? Thousands of people write stuff. Go to any site like fanfiction.net or any sister sites and you can see thousands upon thousands of stories, all written by a person who had the same hopes and dreams as I, the same wishes and… the same everything. As a person who doesn’t like wasting his time, why should I pursue a path that millions have failed at? There’s nothing special about me. Continue reading


The Problems With Fantasy and Why Authors Never Change

I love fantasy – I absolutely love it. I love the adventure, the incredible universe, the never-ending twists and turns the characters experience throughout the book. For me, there is nothing greater than a fantasy story done right. The problem, however, is that nearly nobody does it right. Why? Because so many writers who try to step into fantasy writing think that their hook will be the fantasy aspect, while forgetting every other aspect of a good book. People are too focused on creativity that it becomes the opposite, becoming forced and contrived, while letting the story and character elements dangle along in an escapade of cliche and ridiculousness.

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