Writing is the Best Thing in the World

I got an interesting email this week, and I was meaning to write about that as my weekly post. However, I just thought of something much more relevant to how I’m feeling right now; and I think it’d be more than a shame not to put it down into words while I’m on this emotional high.

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How You Know What to Write About

Writing is a really strange thing to do. When you sit down and write, you automatically imply that you are best qualified to talk about whatever it is you’re going to talk about, or else you wouldn’t be doing it in the first place. And this can be anything, either fiction or non-fiction, self-help books, cook books, fantasy novels, comedy. When you decide that you’re going to write several hundred pages about a certain topic, you need to be absolutely certain you know what you’re talking about, or else you’re just putting yourself up for ridicule and humiliation from everyone who knows you’re talking out of your ass.

I wouldn’t write a cookbook or a self-help book; I can’t even cook rice without making it look like mashed potatoes, nor can I tell you how to fix your marriage. And nobody would expect me to — I’m not a Master Chef or a psych grad (not that most of those kids find jobs anyway). So, with that in mind, I just have to ask myself sometimes… why do I feel different when it comes to fantasy? I have no formal education in anything that would have to do with it — history, culture, languages, geography. And to be completely honest, I’m not even formally trained in writing. Continue reading

Chapter One

I’ve been talking about how stressful editing my own book has been, so I want to put a little preview here. Here’s Chapter One to my book (still editing!), Noca: Wake of Ending Dreams. And no, I won’t be self-publishing (if I can help it).

“Lucy, you’re going to love it.”

The woman in the front seat of the old Sedan glanced back at her daughter, whose arms were firmly crossed. The driver shifted uneasily and mumbled under his breath as he slowed behind the red lights of the car in front – the red lights were getting more frequent. Continue reading