The Seemingly Hardest Part of Writing: Taking Criticism

Seemingly, because it isn’t, but feels like it. Seemingly because when you ever get to the point where you’re finally taking criticism, you’ve already gone past the hardest part, which is actually writing something real; something with substance. And yet, when you do have your manuscripts and your second, third, fourth drafts in your hands or saved on your hard drives, all that difficulty and hardship you faced while typing your soul into letters and words goes out the window, and then you let people see what you’ve dedicated so many countless hours, nights, weeks and months on. This is what seems to be the hardest part, even if it isn’t. And this is why it is so hard to do, because you’re afraid that what you believe in will be worth nothing in the eyes of others.

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What It’s Like Going From Average Gamer to Aspiring Writer

What I’m going to describe to you now is my experience and transition from your average 12 hour a day WoW player to a 12 hour a day writer, because I believe many people who are in my shoes would like to hear it.

I get a lot of emails (read as, more than one) from people who describe their backgrounds similar as mine — young guy, too addicted to video games to bother doing anything with his life, but knows (or thinks) he can do something more, particularly writing. It’s humbling knowing that the things I’ve written on my blog have made people happy or even somewhat inspired, however, this has brought me to a certain revelation: there are many people, gamers in particular, who want to be writers.

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