Something Short

It’s been a while since I shared some writing. Here’s a little snippet, hope I don’t disappoint.

“Have some respect for yourself, child.” The waves ceased, leaving him dry and naked under midday’s loneliness. Adam was standing on top of his father’s plinth, his arm stretched around the mighty boot, slanted over the edge. He opened his eyes. His people all looked in the same direction: right before Adam, with a desolate darkness that lingered over his snow white demeanor, stood Sarga, and to either side stood Geta and Jinda. Geta was fat and stubby, with bald eyes and a nasty head, and Jinda wore a sharp beard in crinkled threads, with only blackness in the hole of his empty left eye socket. All three bore their blood-red mark. “You shit on your father’s memory.” It was Sarga who had spoken.

Adam came down from the high block. The commoners stared at them in wonderment. It wasn’t fear which held their tongues. “Oh? I don’t agree with you, Elder. Did you not hear what I heard, just moments ago? They screamed and hollered, simply from my presence.” His lips were suddenly dried. He paused for a moment, his heart racing, daring himself to continue. “They love me,” Adam finally defied, drilling into Sarga’s soullessness.

“They mock you. Your name in the shadows is the gossip of dirty children. The drunks they gamble, betting on how many years, months, weeks before you are exiled. And the women, they scorn their husbands and insult them with comparisons of you.” Maleficence whisked from Sarga’s fleshy rims like smoke from a candle, crawling into Adam and clutching his body from inside. His heart pounded against the words, desperately clinging to the brief happiness that had engulfed him so seemingly long ago. He could not show them the anguish that existed underneath. He could not let his eyes wander upon their gazes, hungering to find the truths in their looks. “You wish to see, do you not?” Sarga whispered, quieter than the wind against his ears. “They are there, waiting for you. Watch how they fidget, observe their feet alongside them as your eyes connect.” He could not look. He could not give Sarga the satisfaction.


3 thoughts on “Something Short

  1. A bit more context would have been nice, but I’m now curious to see what happened before. And what happens after.

    ….wait. Did you just – oh, well played, sir. Well played indeed.

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