Halfway Through and Keeping It Up

Unfortunately, the title isn’t a sexual innuendo, perverts (not that I didn’t do it on purpose), and this won’t be a post giving you tips for your disgruntled girlfriend. It’s November right now, which is also the National Novel Writing Month, a time when everyone from your lover to her other lover are spending hours staring at empty Word documents, trying to reach the daily word count.

For those of you who aspire to be craftsmen of the written word, also known as the homeless, you should be more than halfway done with your NaNoWriMo 50k work by now. However, for the majority, the reality is not what it should be. Maybe you had an off day or several off days in a row, or maybe you threw your laptop out your window in a fit of rage when you realized that you weren’t as good a writer as you thought you were. Who’d have guessed that you’d need to have more than just middleschool poetry and comment sections on the internet under your belt to be a great writer? Continue reading