Looking For Beta Readers

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Hi. I don’t post as often as I used to or as often as I should to retain interest from you guys, and I apologize. I’ve been writing a lot lately, though, and I feel I’ve improved enough to be taken a bit more seriously (and I’m sure in a few months I’ll look back on this and realize how wrong I was, hah.) For full disclosure and to anyone who might be interested, my desk drawer of writing is filled with:

*Fantasy Book A, 205k words
*Fantasy Book B, 100k words
*Contemporary Book A, 28k words
*Sci-fi Book A, 18k words

The fantasy books are on hiatus for reasons that may or may not include the fact that (I think) I’m a much better writer now than I was when I wrote them, and I no longer feel they are the quality they need to be. Once I thought they were as awesome as Chewbacca playing baseball, but now I have my doubts.

chewbacaHowever. I need beta readers for my contemporary novella and my sci-fi novelette. The contemporary novella has had two beta readers look over it, and both have really enjoyed it with just a few comments here and there. I’ve revised it now (or I’ll be done within another day or two) and I would really like to have some fresh eyes go over it. It’s only 28k words, which is around the equivalent of 110 pages in a book.

The sci-fi piece could also use some beta readers (since any number is better than zero). You see that chapter I posted down there, one post ago? That’s the first chapter of this. I’m intending it to be a full-blown novel, but I’m writing it in short novelette/novella sized chunks. It’s 18k words, or ~70 book pages.

For both of these, the grammar/spelling is pretty decent. I’m pretty meticulous about the details, so it won’t be very often you’ll find a mistake, but there’s the possibility you’ll find one or two every ten thousand words or so. And honestly, for anyone who’s read a few of my posts on this blog, you know how self-conscious I am, so you should know that I’d never let other people read my fiction if I wasn’t already really confident in it. And if it entices anyone, neither of these will just be shelved right after you read them. I’m intending on self-publishing by January 2013 because I figured I might as well give it a shot, especially since the e-book market seems to be exploding faster than a teenager’s first time.


I realize that some of you may not be familiar with beta reading and what the writer expects from you when you do it. That all depends on you, honestly, because any feedback I can get is feedback I greatly appreciate. You can send me back a Word file with my manuscript and specific notes right next to their respective lines, you can send me an email with just general comments and suggestions if you have any, and you can even send me back a printed version of the piece with giant penises drawn on top of it to express your displeasure. It’s all up to you.

So if anyone’s interested in reading either or both of them, and I really hope some of you are, you can send me an email at xjselman@hotmail.com, or you can drop a comment and we can go from there. Also, if you’d like something to be beta read, I’d be more than happy to do it, as long as it isn’t some 200-300k word behemoth.

Tata for now!


7 thoughts on “Looking For Beta Readers

    • If I can remember how to see your email address I’ll be sure to send it to you. I could really use another beta-reader, but I don’t know if WordPress changed or if I’ve contracted some sort of amnesia.

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