Why I’m Self-Publishing

Firstly — I’m nobody, but I’m one of those guys who just a few months ago would never take self-publishing seriously (I think I wrote a post about it, and I have half a mind to take it down (I probably will)). But after keeping tabs on it for a while and just researching on it whenever I can, my views have changed from “Self-publishing is what you do when you can’t get an agent, just a Plan B” to “Self-publish ASAP.” For anyone who doesn’t know much about it or is perhaps undecided, this post is for you.


So I’m going to assume that anyone reading this knows at least the basic differences between trade publishing and self-publishing; and if you do, let me just ask you one question: why are you still not self-publishing? Because honestly, once I understood the pros and cons of each to a respectable extent, there wasn’t much doubt in my mind which road is the better one. Continue reading