Leave A Review, Get A Free Copy Of The Sequel!

Quick post — I’ve been pining for reviews lately. I really appreciate everyone who’s taken the time to write one for the first installment of Buried Hope, but before I do any paid promoting on the big sites, it’d be nice to have a few more (and some on the second book as well).

So this is my offer: Leave a review on the Buried Hope Amazon page, show me that the review is yours, and I’ll email you a free copy of the $2.99 90k word sequel, Buried Hope II: Dirt Is Dead. And for those of you who have already purchased the second book, if you write a review for Buried Hope II: Dirt Is Dead and show me that the review is yours, I’ll send you a free copy of the upcoming third installment, Buried Hope III: Monsters In The Mines in September (and this one is the best yet, in my humble opinion). Continue reading


Writing Sample

I haven’t posted a sample of my fiction here in a while. I thought it might be time again to show the world what my word-weaving ways are like these days, and I have the perfect chapter to do it. This is the first chapter of the third installment of my book, Buried Hope, but it’s also the introduction of a POV character so you won’t be too confused. Some of the terms and locations will be difficult to grasp probably, to someone who hasn’t read the first 120k words of this story, but just imagine it as an underground prison, I suppose. Again — don’t expect to get it completely if you haven’t read Buried Hope 1 and 2. This is simply just to show my writing.

Hope you guys like it!



The Faceless Man’s blood began to ripple beneath his clay flesh. Continue reading

On Worldbuilding and Originality — This Is Not A Tour

I love speculative fiction. I love everything about other worlds, other series’ of events, other realities. Simply put, reading speculative fiction — especially multi-million word epics — enables you to live beyond materiality. With various cultures and landscapes and laws and anything, speculative fiction spans the gamut of imagination.

But I don’t want to talk about how to write your own language, how to structure your own religion, how to give your world the details it needs to seem real. I’m sure there is a plethora of guides and books out there for that very subject, although the best advice I can think of for that is just to keep aware of reality, and understand why reality is reality. When you understand how a building stands, you’ll know how to redesign it so it will still stand in your own way.

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Buried Hope II: Dirt Is Dead

Is out. It took me a lot longer than I thought it would — beta readers, then revisions, improvements/changes in writing style — but it’s finally out. At 89,000 words it’s nearly 4x as long as the first part of this serialized epic fantasy/science-fiction novel. This is my little baby and I hope you guys like it! Again, I’m sorry it took so long, but the third part of this book will come out in September. You can purchase it for $2.99 on Amazon here.


Rebellion has engulfed the underground world of Spes. Chaos grips the days, battles flood the nights, for the citizens of the city are lost in a reality that is stripped of the worldwalkers’ ancient blood. The Council struggles to maintain the hierarchy with the unexpected transition of the Chancellor’s line, the rebels of the forgotten Columns strike with a fury that cannot fade, and the red priests of the hallowed fields pray that the Great Eye may not blink at the folly of those who have promised themselves to His sight.

And still the buried wonder what the old men may  scry.
And still the cold wind shivers the bones of those who lie.
And still the darkness knows ‘tis but the Beyond where spirits cry.

For the burning sun and the dead world’s breath are truths cursed to all who die.