Buried Hope II: Dirt Is Dead

Is out. It took me a lot longer than I thought it would — beta readers, then revisions, improvements/changes in writing style — but it’s finally out. At 89,000 words it’s nearly 4x as long as the first part of this serialized epic fantasy/science-fiction novel. This is my little baby and I hope you guys like it! Again, I’m sorry it took so long, but the third part of this book will come out in September. You can purchase it for $2.99 on Amazon here.


Rebellion has engulfed the underground world of Spes. Chaos grips the days, battles flood the nights, for the citizens of the city are lost in a reality that is stripped of the worldwalkers’ ancient blood. The Council struggles to maintain the hierarchy with the unexpected transition of the Chancellor’s line, the rebels of the forgotten Columns strike with a fury that cannot fade, and the red priests of the hallowed fields pray that the Great Eye may not blink at the folly of those who have promised themselves to His sight.

And still the buried wonder what the old men may  scry.
And still the cold wind shivers the bones of those who lie.
And still the darkness knows ‘tis but the Beyond where spirits cry.

For the burning sun and the dead world’s breath are truths cursed to all who die.


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