Buried Hope III: Monsters In The Mines, Delayed

Yep. Back when Dirt Is Dead came out in July, I said Monsters In The Mines would be out by September, but even back then there was a voice in the back of my head that was telling me it would never happen. I tried my best to prove that voice wrong, but a few things got in the way, including:

*Monsters turned out being 20,000 words longer than I had anticipated it to be. It’s currently at 130,000, when I had previously projected 110,000. For comparison, Buried Hope is 25,000 words while Dirt Is Dead is about 90,000. More story!
*The story took another direction (a better one, don’t worry!)
*Life and all its doldrums

I apologize sincerely to anyone who might be waiting, but I can guarantee you that it will come out by October. How do I know that? Because it’s pretty much done. I’m going through another round of edits before I send it off to betas, and assuming they don’t find some disastrous inconsistency, it’ll be out within the month of Halloween.

Anyway, if anyone has anything to say about Dirt Is Dead and just everything going on with the story so far, I’d love to hear it. And if you’d be so kind as to write a review on Dirt Is Dead’s Amazon page and then tell me about it, I’ll send you a free copy of Monsters In The Mines when it comes out. I hate to ask but I really do need reviews; doesn’t have to be fancy — short and sweet, short and sour, anything would work.

So yea! I apologize for the delay; I’m trying my best to publish the best work I can publish, but I know that’s not a very good excuse. I will say this: Buried Hope IV: Shadows Of The Second Sun (which is also the last part of the Buried Hope novel) will be out by January, guaranteed. I know this because the voice in my head wants to say December, but now I know that voice just exists to embarrass me, obviously.

Here’s the cover, done by the amazing Damonza:

ImageIf anyone has any questions regarding anything you think I could answer, feel free to ask. Other than that, I’ve got nothing to say. Hope you all have a nice day!


2 thoughts on “Buried Hope III: Monsters In The Mines, Delayed

    • Thanks for the great review! I think I’ve got those few errors out of the way in Dirt Is Dead now, and I’m really really really reading over Monsters to make sure you won’t find any faults.

      As for your comment on the fantasy/sci-fi elements, I hope Monsters doesn’t disappoint you because I think I veer into fantasy territory a bit more. Sci-fi is a subtle backdrop right now, but I will be bringing more of it in the next installment.

      Thanks again for the review, that was really great. 🙂

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