Release Today! Buried Hope III: Monsters In The Mines

This isn’t late, right? Of course not…

Buried Hope III: Monsters In The Mines is now released today! The third part of this serialized epic fantasy/science-fiction novel comes out at 128,000 words, larger than the last two chapters combined. So if you weren’t sure about Spes before, you’ll be sure about it now. Two new PoV characters, more action, more twists and more questions. Check out the blurb below, or just skip it all and get it on Amazon for a measly $2.99. I promise you, this will not disappoint. (I’ll also offer a recap at the end of this post to get everyone back on track. Since these chapters are meant to be part of one large novel, not so much recap is offered inside the individual parts.)


Spes is torn. 
Treachery in the rebellion. Blasphemy in the Synod. Murder in the Guard. Webbings that have trapped the three heroes of the underground world. 
The Council has claimed that the Number has returned from the dead world above; once more the worldwalkers roam. And though the citizens cheer for Number Thirty-Two’s life, not all are convinced of the Life Keeper’s ruse. The blessed blood of the iron ladies stirs, and the Iron Maiden has come to stand as Spes’ silver fist. 
But beneath it all beat the rumblings of legends long-forgotten. The tunnels to the mines have been buried and caved, the darkness has begun to settle. In the wake of dust’s rise and the echoes of the blasts, the girl once thought dead descends again to the bottom of the world. 
In search of the monsters in the mines. May the Eye watch us all.  Continue reading