Release Today! Buried Hope III: Monsters In The Mines

This isn’t late, right? Of course not…

Buried Hope III: Monsters In The Mines is now released today! The third part of this serialized epic fantasy/science-fiction novel comes out at 128,000 words, larger than the last two chapters combined. So if you weren’t sure about Spes before, you’ll be sure about it now. Two new PoV characters, more action, more twists and more questions. Check out the blurb below, or just skip it all and get it on Amazon for a measly $2.99. I promise you, this will not disappoint. (I’ll also offer a recap at the end of this post to get everyone back on track. Since these chapters are meant to be part of one large novel, not so much recap is offered inside the individual parts.)


Spes is torn. 
Treachery in the rebellion. Blasphemy in the Synod. Murder in the Guard. Webbings that have trapped the three heroes of the underground world. 
The Council has claimed that the Number has returned from the dead world above; once more the worldwalkers roam. And though the citizens cheer for Number Thirty-Two’s life, not all are convinced of the Life Keeper’s ruse. The blessed blood of the iron ladies stirs, and the Iron Maiden has come to stand as Spes’ silver fist. 
But beneath it all beat the rumblings of legends long-forgotten. The tunnels to the mines have been buried and caved, the darkness has begun to settle. In the wake of dust’s rise and the echoes of the blasts, the girl once thought dead descends again to the bottom of the world. 
In search of the monsters in the mines. May the Eye watch us all. 


*Number Eight, Hope, failed in his quest to help the Faceless Man gather remnants of the Chancellor, required by the Faceless Man to open access to the Eye’s Chamber and communicate with their God. Instead, Number Eight was captured by Oculus Verino and his pair of second sisters and Jades, who then convinced Hope to join them as they seek the three thirds of Skapa’s arcane prophecy. But when reports came of Number Thirty-Two’s return and the Synod of the Oculi gathered to discuss the matter, Oculus Verino’s blatant disregard for their religion cost him and his group’s freedom.

*Chandler the Chancellor fell into the role of Chancellor after his father and brother were both killed in the Chancellor’s Rebellion. The banished second son, known only for a supposed rape a decade ago of the Life Keeper’s bride, was then taken by Figor Toothbane’s insurgent warriors during an ill-advised march down to the rebel Columns. Beaten and bloodied, taken of his eyes by the point of Figor’s blade, the blind Chancellor struggles in his new world where even the rats are starving; but there is hope: the Red Wolf and the Bled. The Bled seek to open Chandler’s third eye, for they believe the Chancellor is one of the sacred three thirds of the old prophecy that will save the world. But when Korlune Stop broke into Chandler’s cell with the intentions of saving the Chancellor and thus saving the rebel Columns from the Life Keeper’s purge, the efforts were plugged by Figor Toothbane, and though Chandler could have escaped up the stairs, he decided salvation could be found with the rebels below.

*Richard has taken the name of Stoneblood, rising up the ranks of the Guards on the tips of bloody teeth. With the loss of his love, who ran to the mines in hope of avoiding arrest, Stoneblood builds a secret second rebellion that — when prepared — will fight for the dead world’s sun. But there are challenges with maintaining secrecy that involves so many thousands of participants, and with those challenges Stoneblood has become torn. Pelt, Edward, Leo, Jimmis — friends Stoneblood wish he did not have, for Stoneblood cannot bear to ask such crimes of others. The Commander continues to teach Stoneblood for reasons unknown, but the Red Diamond and the rest of the Six Shined have taken a distaste for Stoneblood’s superiority that might spill blood. The boy within him is dead, and by his own bloody hands was he forced to execute his closest friend’s heart. Someday, hopefully, they would understand.


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